Africa's Future

Africa's Future is a charity run by volunteers who have lived in Africa and seen the difference that charities can make .

Sara Wrelton and Heike Barker came to Ghana with volunteer organisation 'Teaching Abroad' and stayed with a local family headed by a lady called Molly Yankey whilst in Ghana. Molly owns a rice shop and a roadside drinks bar, and was also concerned for the children of the village where she works. She wanted to give something back to the community, as so many a lot of the residents are deprived and cannot afford many of the basic amenities that we take for granted.

Molly's dream had been to set up a nursery to give the village children an education and better prospects for their future. Whilst still in Ghana - and with generous donations from friends and family of the volunteers - a start was made on building a simple building to house a nursery.

Once back in England the volunteers were determined to continue raising money to carry on supporting the nursery. At this point Ed Holloway, a friend of Sara's, got heavily involved in the organisational side of setting up a charity. Together the team has worked hard to set up and run the official charity - called Africa's Future - which continues to support the project.

Africa's Future is a registered charity in England and Wales (1098660)